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  1. Innovation:  BizVenture winners tackle youth mental health with "It's Okay" clothing range
  2. Business & Economy:  Crunchy founder sows seeds of success in horticulture business
  3. People & Culture:  Homestay host grateful for her international student whānau
  4. People & Culture:  Hong Kong student wins Wellington award for unstinting community service
  5. Global Citizens:  International education drives soft power in offshore markets
  6. Business & Economy:  International graduate brings fresh perspective to fresh food sector
  7. People & Culture:  International student experience kicks off lifetime of volunteering
  8. Global Citizens:  International students cap off education experience with Mural
  9. People & Culture:   Māori cultural experience builds lasting bonds for international students
  10. Innovation:  Massey student’s robotic gut capsule could be a game-changer
  11. Business & Economy:  New Zealand and China share cultural connection through conservation
  12. Innovation:  New Zealand Geothermal training expertise powers Indonesia's renewables journey
  13. Global Citizens:  New Zealand Global Competence Certificate programme proves a hit
  14. Innovation:  New Zealand ready to lead students to a more sustainable future
  15. Innovation:  New Zealand’s EdTech at centre-stage of International Education
  16. People & Culture:  New Zealand study experience helps transform Brazilian agribusiness
  17. Business & Economy:  Prime Minister's Scholarship shakes up geology student's plans
  18. People & Culture:  Southern Institute of Technology cultural education exchange introduces Aotearoa to Kansas
  19. Business & Economy:  Student-led business sets out to break down barriers
  20. Global Citizens:  The global citizens helping connect New Zealand with the world
  21. Business & Economy:  Wellington embraces talents, culture, and passion of international students
  22. People & Culture:  Winds of Change students team up to tackle shared climate challenges